With in house re-melting, Shultz Steel is positioned to control raw materials and deliveries.

Shultz Steel Company's raw materials are primarily vacuum arc remelted steels, titanium alloys and nickel base alloys. Conventionally melted and cast aluminum ingot is also used.

In 1996, Shultz Steel installed its own Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) facility for the remelting of steel and nickel alloy ingots. This new facility requires the procurement of cast electrodes melted in an electric arc furnace or vacuum induction furnace. Subsequent VAR melting at Shultz Steel converts these electrodes into Aerospace quality ingots. Ingots are cylindrical in nature (from 20 to 40 inches diameter), weighing from 10,000 lbs.(titanium and aluminum) up to 40,000 lbs. (steel).

These ingots are initially heated and open die forged in three or four operations to a billet product. This billet product is subsequently examined and inspected to verify its eternal and internal quality.

The billet material is subsequently saw cut into specific weights ("Mults") for the manufacture of open or closed die forgings. This process consists of heating the material two to six times and progressively changing its shape by forging until it finally is molded to the contour required by the drawing.